Romantic Lightning

Romantic Lightning

Artist: Chihwei CHIU

Acrylic paint on corrugating paper

38.5 × 31cm



MACARON⁺宣傳套版0 拷貝 6

The artist Chihwei CHIU 邱銍韋(born in 1980, Taiwan) obtained his master degree at the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts of Tainan National University of The Arts. Recently, he has been creating three-dimensional works apart from painting and got invited to several brands crossover platforms and showcases. These years, his works have been invited to significant exhibitions around the globe including U.K., Germany, France, U.S., Japan, Korea and China, and awarded with prizes such as Young Artist Award of Art Show Busan 2012.

His works were collected by museums, foundations, and individuals, delighting a wide range of ages.

Deeply appreciated by the senior collectors, CHIU accepted the invitation of artist residency in Seoul from Korean prominent gallery Gana Art, to combine different cultures and thoughts in Asia. With keen eyes, he coordinates perspectives and discoveries for a profound observation of human minds, to precisely depict the unique heart movement for warm emotions, and create a surreal girlish inner world of sweet and fantastic images. His painting conveys the happiness from love and hopes. The girl in painting of her twinkling big eyes always stares into the world, and in the eyes is her inner universe triggering the subtle moves. The wishful world is set up with warm colors where the girl lives in as the tailored stage to deliver happiness. Sometimes the girl holds flowers, macarons, gift boxes or delicate desserts to express the heartfelt joyful wishes. The girl is the character to send blessings; she embraces pleasurable gift with the expectation to warm your heart and bring you the everlasting beautiful mood. Here it invites you to be brimming over with love, enchanting hopes, cheering happiness and the scent of blessing.