MACARON⁺ 總監陳曉琪透過美學品味與靈感發想,聯手藝術家邱銍韋(Gallery MACARON⁺)將創作延伸至穿戴式的藝術珠寶,讓藝術與美學表達於生活。藝術與精緻工藝的完美結合誕生藝術珠寶(Art Jewel),生命的悸動與記憶,源自著希望與每份祝福。

Moreover, to express the artistic and aesthetic energy in life, the director of MACARON⁺, Chichi CHEN, who has discerned aesthetic taste and inspirational ideas, invited the renowned artist Chihwei CHIU(Gallery MACARON⁺)to practice his art through the extension on the wearable artistic jewelry. When art meets exquisite craftsmanship, the quintessential match of artistic jewelry comes into being(Art Jewel). Thanks to hopes and pure blessings, we are gifted with the vibration of life and unique memories.


藝術家邱銍韋揉合亞洲不同文化與思維,在不斷的試驗與探索,透過敏銳細微的心思,透視人的內心,精準的描繪出您我內心獨特跳躍的感動,創造出甜美幻麗的超現實女孩內心世界 作品傳遞出愛與希望的幸福感,畫中的女孩,總是張著一雙閃亮大眼觀看世界,但眼神裡卻是女孩心中的小宇宙,牽動著內心細微的感動。

Artist Chihwei CHIU combine different cultures and thoughts in Asia. With keen eyes, he coordinates perspectives and discoveries for a profound observation of human minds, to precisely depict the unique heart movement for warm emotions, and create a surreal girlish inner world of sweet and fantastic images. His painting conveys the happiness from love and hopes. The girl in painting of her twinkling big eyes always stares into the world, and in the eyes is her inner universe triggering the subtle moves.



The wishful world is set up with warm colors where the girl lives in as the tailored stage to deliver happiness. Sometimes the girl holds flowers, macarons, gift boxes or delicate desserts to express the heartfelt joyful wishes.The girl is the character to send blessings; she embraces pleasurable gift with the expectation to warm your heart and bring you the everlasting beautiful mood. Here it invites you to be brimming over with love, enchanting hopes, cheering happiness and the scent of blessing.



The warmth of happiness has the fragrance of blessing. MACARON⁺ aims to permanently collect every precious memory in every delicate and tiny detail.




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